Ruby 1.8.6 preview3 has been released

Hi all,

Ruby 1.8.6 preview3 has been released.

A brief summary of changes and full of changes are here.

Please test it and report if you find any problem.


Masayoshi Takahashi

I ran into two 1.8.6 incompatibilities with Rails:

  1. Time#to_date is a private method in date.rb
    Workaround in

  2.…).to_s was deprecated and is now removed
    This affected the bundled mysql.rb and is fixed in

These fixes will be released with Rails 1.2.3 so those who wish to upgrade to Ruby 1.8.6 should move to the 1-2-stable branch or upgrade Rails to 1.2.3 when it’s available.

Otherwise, my Rails apps run well with Ruby 1.8.6. Thanks for the stable release!