What's the rails way to display data from multiple models on one page

Hi there,

I’m working on a little portfolio-site to get to know rails a little better. On this site I have a blog, a gallery (my portfolio) and other stuff for which each I created a model. On the start-page I want to show a bit of everything - some of the recent blog-entries, some pictures from the gallery and so on. Now I was wondering - what’s the rails way to do this? Would you just create a controller and a view and load the data from multiple models (blog, gallery, …) in the controller? Or would you create a new model that just has_many of the other models? Are there other, better ways? How would you accomplish this in rails?

Thanks in advance,


I usually make a home_controller, map my :root to one of its methods, and load up whatever models I need inside that method. I generally use that same controller for site-wide things like search results or contact us or about this site.


Ok, thanks Walter!