Different renders on main page...

Hi all,

just want to know how to act:

It's some kind of community website and at the main site I want to have different boxes with information from differen models -> new users, new news, etc.

How to set up? Do I need to render partials in each div, therefore I need to set instances, do I?

In fact it's nothing more than requesting one controller (at index_url) with some models?

How do you do? What do you think about that?

Kind regards Mario

Just as you say. Nothing special about requesting data from lots of different or unrelated models for such usage.

In the controller get the data like:

@new_users = User.find(:all, :conditions => *whatever means new*) @new_news = News.find(:all, :conditions => ...)

In the view it's a matter of taste if you write a different partial for each box or not. I would most likely do it, or reuse some other partials for displaying users or new, that are already written.