Calling multiple ERB files for different models from single ERB?

I imagine this is a pretty common thing so I’m assuming there is a “rails” way to do this.

I have an index page for my app and when a user logs in, I am querying various models to get lists of the objects associated with a user. I want to display this stuff on the main page of the app, kind of like a dashboard.

So… basically, is there an easy way to call the index.html.erb associated with one model from within another? I’ve got the list of objects I’d want rendered. How would I pass that in? From my searches, it seems like I can create an ERB object, bind the var to that ERB object, and then render it. But was just wondering if that was the right way?


Have you read the Rails Guide on Views yet? There's a whole section on "partials" that I think would answer this for you neatly. If you've got multiple objects or collections already marshaled in your controller, you can pass them to the render call and specify a view partial (or let the conventions choose it for you) with something as simple as <%= render @my_collection %> or <%= render :partial => 'foos/bar', :object => @baz %>


No I haven’t… I’ll give that a look. I’m really diving head first into this reading things as I encounter issues.

I’ll give it a read. Thanks!!

No I haven't... I'll give that a look. I'm really diving head first into
this reading things as I encounter issues.

I'll give it a read. Thanks!!

Also work right through a good tutorial such as
(which is free to use online) so that you understand the basics of


This is what I love about Rails/Ruby. There is so much ease to do so many things that when things start to look convoluted/hack-ish, it usually indicated bad design. In reading through the raisl guide and the rails tutorial, I’m seeing just how poor some of my prior design decisions are (and they appeared great at the time).