What's going on with Devise for Rails 7 ?!

With the release of Rails 7, Hotwire turbo became the new normal for Rails project. But it looks like Devise is stuck in the past and the important number of PRs opened and not taken care of is raising the bell about the project’s health.

Join us to discuss what’s going on and give you opinion on the following Reddit thread as many of us as operating or developing projects using Devise.


I’m not on reddit so will reply here - a lot of people have been using this branch in production successfully: Return 422 status when login fails + treat `turbo_stream` as a navigational format by ghiculescu · Pull Request #5340 · heartcombo/devise · GitHub


I write my own authtication systems. I don’t like devise. because it do more thinks what you don’t need.

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Thanks you for sharing this information with us.

Now, this seems to be more like a patch than a long term fix to the issue we have been discussing on reddit for the past few weeks. A lot of Devise users submitted PRs to have the new turbo approach being supported in Devise and they are all in “waiting” state for the past 4 months…

My main complaint is that the community is ready to support but the maintainers are not using this support to quickly release a new version that would work out of the box with turbo.

This lack of planning, as this changes were announce way in advance, and the lack of interest to the proposed fixed is really annoying and raises a lot of questions regarding the official branch and its maintainers.

that’s an option too. (not applicable to all projects or everyone, but we know that there are major rails contributors who are thinking that way)

I have not been following the Reddit discussion. What fixes have been discussed? I’m happy to incorporate them into my branch; I’ve been using it in production for months but an improvements are awesome.