What's a smart way....

To do the following...

Suppose I have a list of links in a div of my main template,

One of those links, the "administrator" link, needs to be able to
change all the other links, so that a new set of links displays (with
a "Back to application" link therein, to set the links back to the
original way)

I'm trying to figure out a sane and simple way to do this (I am
concocting lots of bad ways to do it!) Please help.

My application.html.erb appears here as:

       <div id="navcontainer">
         <%= links_for_navigation %>
          <div id="Body" >
            <%= yield %>

and then, in my applicationhelper file, I create the links themselves.
How would you tackle this in an intelligent manner? I am making a mess
of my code trying to do this. -Janna

Make "administrator" a link_to_remote and use :update:

link_to_remote "Administrator", :update => 'Body' :url => { :action =>

But I want to only change the menu bar on that. This doesnt do that.

Thank you! Yes, it is the same menu, I am simply trying to replace it.
I dont care what else is on the screen, I just want to flip the menu.
I am getting hung up on the syntax here though, I have:

link_to_remote( 'Admin', :update => 'links_for_navigation' ,nil )

the specific div where the menu(s) occur are in a div called
'links_for_navigation' - but the syntax here of link_to_remote, when
all I want to do is change what is in an individual dic in the
application template, I am unable to discern -- the rest of the page
should merely remain the same.

Also, even if I can get the syntax right on this here, how do you set
some kind of variable (session fariable perhaps?) to know within the
ApplicationHelper which of the two menus to display? -Janna, my helper

module ApplicationHelper

   def nav_link_to(name, options, html_options)

      link_to name, options, html_options

    def links_for_navigation
      tabs = []
      if #I need some value here to determine which menu to

        tabs << link_to_remote( 'Admin', :update =>
'links_for_navigation' ,nil )

        tabs << nav_link_to('Reports', {:controller =>
'customers', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'Go to Reports', :style =>
'float: right;'})
        tabs << nav_link_to('Customers', {:controller =>
'customers', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'Manage Customer', :style
=> 'float: right;'})
        tabs << nav_link_to('Scheduler', {:controller =>
'projects', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'Go to Scheduler', :style
=> 'float: right;'})
        tabs << nav_link_to('InOut', {:controller =>
'associates', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'In Out Board', :style =>
'float: right;')
        tabs << nav_link_to('Uplog', {:controller =>
'customers', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'Access Uplog', :style =>
'float: right;'})

  tabs << link_to_remote( 'Back to Application', :update =>
'links_for_navigation' ,nil )

        tabs << nav_link_to('Reasons', {:controller =>
'reasons', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'Reasons', :style => 'float:
        tabs << nav_link_to('Selections', {:controller =>
'selections', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'Selections', :style =>
'float: right;'})
        tabs << nav_link_to('Activities', {:controller =>
'activities', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'Activities', :style =>
'float: right;'})
        tabs << nav_link_to('ActivityTypes', {:controller =>
'activitytypes', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'Activity
Types', :style => 'float: right;'})
        tabs << nav_link_to('Status', {:controller =>
'status', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'Status', :style => 'float:
        tabs << nav_link_to('Origins', {:controller =>
'origins', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'Origins', :style => 'float:
        tabs << nav_link_to('Associates', {:controller =>
'associates', :action => 'list'}, {:title => 'Associates', :style =>
'float: right;'})
      html = '<ul id="navlist">'
      tabs.each do |tab|
        html += '<li>'
        html += tab
        html += '</li>'