:controller in :url options?

Hi Ram,

Ram wrote:

  What I have now is in a view of controller 'one':
           <% link_to_remote("link", :update => 'div',
                                     :url => {:controller => 'two',
                                              :action => 'x'})

  This isn't working.

I notice two potential problems.

The first thing I notice is that you're not rendering the link. That is,
<% link...
needs to be
<%= link...

The second thing is that you've named the DOM element with what I believe is a reserved word in HTML. (i.e., 'div')

If changing these doesn't produce what you expect, we'll need more info to help. The link_to_remote method your using does two things and we need to know which one you're having problems with.
1) it invokes a method in a controller as specified in your url hash. (it also allows for passing values from the browser via the params hash)
2) it produces the response the browser will use to update DOM element you specify in the :update option.

To isolate the problem, in your controller method you should do something 'extra' that will leave evidence that the method was triggered. Write a record to the database or something like that that you can see.

Also, use Firebug to see the request / response and inspect the DOM.