change color of links

I have the following code in one of my views

<div id="right"
<%= link_to_remote( "#{}", :update => "right", :url =>{ :action =>
:show_stats, :ladder_id => }) %><br>

I want to change the default color of the link from blue to white. I
have tried using html_options like so

<%= link_to_remote( "#{}", :update => "right", :url =>{ :action
=> :show_stats, :ladder_id => }, :html_options => {:color =>
"white"}) %><br>

I have also tried wrapping the link_to in separate div tags and changing
the color there, but none of this has worked. The links are still the
default blue.

I am running rails 2.2.2

It looks like you have a broken div. Try this:

<div id="right">
    <%= link_to_remote( "#{}", :update => "right", :url =>
{ :action => :show_stats, :ladder_id => }) %>

Then style it in the css with:

div#right a {color: #fff}


Try: <%= link_to_remote( “#{}”, :update => “right”, :url =>{ :action => :show_stats, :ladder_id => }, :html_options => {:style => “color:white”}) %>

This applies a style attribute to the link and the CSS then handles the color

You can’t wrap the call in divs because they won’t override a link’s color, that can only be done directly to the link.

The div tag is not broken, that was a typo on my part, sorry about that.
Styling the div in the css does not work.

I tried your syntax and that does not seem to change the link color
either. I tried putting the link_to_remote both inside and outside div go.

Anybody else have any suggestions?

Sorry, another tired answer, try:
<%= link_to_remote( “#{}”, {:update => “right”, :url =>{ :action => :show_stats, :ladder_id => }}, {:style => “color:white”} ) %>

The method signagure for link_to_remote is:
link_to_remote(name, options = {}, html_options = nil)

so you need to include the display text, a hash of options for the remote link and then a second hash for the html specific options so it’s best to use explicit hashes so you know which is which

link_to_remote( name, {}, {} )