change link color on mouse over



Hassan Schroeder wrote:

=========================================================================== =======
<div id="side">
<a href = "http://www…" class = "side-link">Home</a><br />
<%= link_to "Products", :action => "show_products", :class =>
"side-link" %><br />

If you check the generated HTML you'll see that you call to link_to
doesn't actually create a link with class side-link: it creates a link
whose URL contains ?class=side-link. It's the old "HTML options need
to be in a separate options hash" thing.


Frederick Cheung wrote:

Include the following CSS property for all the anchors in your project

I checked the code in firefox, chrome and IE7. Hope this will work.
If u r using different CSS classes just make sure that any other class
doesnt override this property.

Thank u