What's a good non-Apple OS for RoR developers' workstati


Of those guys who are using Linux for Ruby development in general: do
you know of any good text editor for Linux (preferable GTK, but
doesn't really matter that much in the end) that supports folding?
I dual boot Mac OS and Ubuntu and while I generally like gedit on
Linux, it just doesn't compare to TextMate. And the major thing I am
missing in gedit is folding.



The heavyweight option would be to to run Eclipse and use RadRails. Also Kate (the KDE editor) is pretty nice. Another option is Scribes. It doesnt have tabs but is a text mate like editor. There is always gvim :slight_smile:

I had a bad time with ruby gems on Ubuntu. The package manger didn't
have Ruby 1.8.5 and the latest patches that I needed so I tried
installing from source. The ruby install went seamlessly, but gems
would fail to run since it was looking for zlib libraries in the
default locations and Ubuntu had moved them.

I hope it gets ironed out because I like the OS. I never had a problem
developing on XP, but I'd prefer to be on linux.