Rails development on desktop Linux?

I'm running Debian testing. I use KDE and konqueror for file browsing.
Navicat Linux for DB administration, and my editor of choice is vim. It
is not noob friendly, but I find I am much faster with a highly scripted
vim setup rather than an ide such a RadRails.

RadRails is very nice and very very powerful, but I like my vim
keybindings :slight_smile:


I run Ubuntu with Scite as the text editor, but I still miss Notepad++
and wish there was Textmate for Linux (or, better yet, that Macs were
not insanely expensive in Brazil).

Since I run my production apps on Linux I find that developing on
Linux is way better, for those little differences between platforms
(and library configurations).

I'm currently a Windows user, but I'm considering getting away from it.
I was wondering if there are developers out there who are doing Rails on
a desktop Linux distribution, and what your essential tools are. A
discussion of your general experience would be great, too.

I'm running Ubuntu Edgy, I use vim for editing, and the TagList + my
RailsTagList patch (http://en.logilogi.org/HomE/WyboWiersma/RailsTagList)
vim-plugin for file browsing within projects, the console for between.

Also don't miss the rails.vim plugin if you decide to go for Vim.