Rails development on desktop Linux?

Switched from OpenSuse (after 10.1) to Kubuntu Dapper (Edgy as of this
week) for my main workstation. Server is OpenSuse 10.0. I have Windows
Media Center Laptop that I share with my wife, as well. Quick Irony:
Kubuntu just works with my HP Officejet and USB devices. The Windows
laptop crashed with the OfficeJet (its an HP laptop) and flat out
refused to recognize my serial ATA drive. I had to dig out and install
a floppy drive to load the driver. Anecdotal, but there you go.

I think I prefer Adept/Apt over Yast/RMP (and whatever Novell
introduced to in 10.1).

Prefer KDE over Gnome, but that's a preference.

Been giving Komodo 3.5, RadRails 7.x and jEdit a workout for the past
few months. BTW, each are available for Linux/OSX/Windows.

jEdit and it's plugins are outstanding. Configurable and flexible. GPL,
I believe. Keeps you honest, too.

Komodo is flexible as well. It's Ruby support is good, but Rails adds a
little nuance. Not free in any sense.

RadRails is Rails-centric (go figure) and is a good compromise between
Komodo and JEdit.

I've been using Komodo the most, then jEdit. RadRails is good
(especially debugging), but it is a single task critter. I guess if you
use it as a plug-in to Eclipse that is not true.

Firefox and Konqueror, Konsole (bash), the MySQL GUI stuff (cross
platform), DIA, and RapidSVN (also cross platform).