What WYSIWYG editor for rails5?

Hi, i need WYSIWYG for a rails5 app. cant upgrade. testing ckeditor, but its failing due to ‘browse server’, which shows all files and i cant work it out to filter / show user uploaded files only. what is the best tool for the job? using carrierwave as well.


Even if you don’t want to switch to Active Storage and Action Text, you can still use Trix. You’ll just have to implement the details yourself.

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Trix works best with Action Text and the minimal Rails version is 6.0, if you want to using Trix, upgrade to Rails 6 is a good pre-step movement.

Trix is a very sound editor, but the original version missing align text center and text right function, implement such function is required to merge PR 791 , but for some reason, it’s still pending, so if you also require such function like me. Welcome to try my republish @mixtint/trix - npm Trix version, which including @mixtint/trix - npm features.

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I’m using TinyMCE which allows you to define your own upload path for images: images_upload_url

You can also code yourself an image list with the image_list option. And if you want a link_list.