Froala WYSIWYG Editor on Rails 6

I a trying to add` ```froala WYSIWYG editor ``to my rails 6 project.
but i am unable to add this.
can any one please tell me how can i add froala WYSIWYG editor to my project?

Thank you

Hard to pass this thread without mentioning Action Text; It is the Rails way of WYSIWYG editor and shipped with Rails 6.

If you know about it already, NVM.
As for the question itself, I never heard about Froala until today.

What have ou tried? There’s a gem but I think it’s only intended to be used with Sprockets and not Webpacker, I would start with the readme using the npm package and importing froala as a module

rails 6 includes Trix wysiwyg editor, its easy to setup

The biggest problem with Trix in my eyes is that you can not in an easy way choose what to have for the different text areas. As an example i want users to be able to use the editor, but i dont want them to attache images or files to the actiontext. Also i have a problem with not beeing able to select target blank on links…