Damn, that Tom Allison is truly psycho. Who flies off
the handle like that over something as trivial as
email? Only sociopaths. I'm sure Tom Allison also has
a long history of road rage, getting in fights, and
spousal abuse (if God forbid somebody would actually
marry him), child abuse, etc. GET HELP NOW, TOM
ALLISON. Wow, scary.

Who is the idiot who migrated everyone to this list?


I don't even know where this shit came from!!

It comes from you signing up for the Rails mailing
list that was then
migrated to Google Groups.

It's certainly not any migrating mailing list -- I'm

still receiving email from

that list and quite frankly if they are moving to

googlegroups then I'm out. I

have no desire for Google to do any more HARVESTING

of my life then they do already

Okay. Bye!

This is insane and stupid.


This is the actions of a marketing fuck-head and not

someone with half a wit in

their heads. If it isn't some marketing dweeb then

you should consider a career


Dang, you're right. I'll drop out of all this Rails
stuff right away.
I'm glad you made me aware of my inadequacies.

I'm really fucking pissed.

You might consider anger management, then. If you can
get "really
fucking pissed" over something this trivial, I'm not
sure its healthy
to operate in this world without counseling.