What is this view syntax? Old beast forum code...

Hey folks

A long time ago, before i started working at this company, we used a
Beast forum. The beast code (models, controllers and views) were all
just lumped in with our app code, but when we moved to a new version
(about a year and a half ago) the forum section of our site was closed
off (simply by not linking to it anywhere).

I've been tasked with resurrecting it, and the first problem i'm seeing
is code like this in the views:

    <%= '{count} topic(s)'[(count=Topic.count)==1 ? :topic_count :
:topics_count, number_with_delimiter(count)] %>,


<%= submit_tag 'Save Forum'[:save_forum], :or =>
link_to('Cancel'[:cancel], forums_path) %>

My first thought was "wtf is that?", and it's that question that i put
to you, dear readers.


Looks like a stab at L10N. I bet "string"[:symbol] is a way to have 'reasonable' strings embedded in the code, but still look 'em up in a translation table.

~ j.

John Barnette wrote: