What is the future of rails for web development?

can anybody say about rails future for development

i mean to say that rails will remains open source in past or not

Thanks, learning rails

Yes. Rails is and will remain open source. No person or entity can change this anymore given the MIT license.


Ok, Thanks rafaelfranca

Hehe while agree with that statement above, something about Ruby on Rails does not look cool anymore. Just picture yourself someone sitting and coding ruby in macvim or textmate versus the new kid in the block opening up vscode and firing up JavaScript project. One looks certainly more “antiquated”

I would like to see Ruby on Rails rebrand itself a bit like ASP.NET Core and maybe updating the look of the docs like how GatsbyJS did

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Still rocking the TextMate / Rails lifestyle and loving it, regardless of how some might think it looks!


Yes agree on this. Rails is and will remain open source but may be the interest of people in Ruby on Rails will be decreased.