What is the best book to read after Practical Object-Oriented Design In Ruby and Rails Antipatterns?


My name is David, this is my first post here. Thanks for having this space and allow me to post a question. Going to the nitty-gritty:

I have read:

  • Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: I found it amazing, I think I understand what is object oriented design after reading this book.
  • Rails Antipatterns: I have found many problems that I did not know how to solve better and this book has taught me. What do you think it would be the best next book to read? I am interested in Javascript too, but mainly with Rails.

I have thought about Crafting Rails Applications by Jose Valim

I would appreciate any brief description of the book/s and why you think it is worth to read !

Thanks for your time!



"Metaprogramming Ruby" is the best book to understendig how ruby work in rails, sinatra or any other system. You can understand how work activerecord or any other "magic" gem

“Level Up!” by Steven Talcott Smith is a great book for aspiring software developers. Rails is the main example used in the book, since it is the platform upon which the author crafted his own career. The book describes a path to excellence in software development, describing skillets and practices that are now the ideal model that most successful Rails shops are using today.

It changed my approach to learning and practicing software development, with nearly immediate results.



All those mentioned are great books to read. I’m tossing in “Practicing Rails” and “Rails 4 in Action”, I’m also going to say it doesn’t really matter. What I think does matter is you start working on a rails application, even following one of the many tutorials; at least work through a couple of full examples so you have something real to hang what you’re learning upon.

Thank you very much for all answers !

@tamouse I’m already working on a real application ^^, so everything I read I think about many ways of applying it.

@Brent , I have checked the example of “Level up” but it was highly focused on pair programming an other subjects what confuses me a bit :S

@Dorohvich and @tamouse I have checked your books but as I do not know the author I am not sure if I am picking the right ones, may you tell me the authors please?

Thank you !

Practicing Rails: Justin Weiss: http://praciticingrails.com

Rails 4 in Action: Ryan Bigg, , Yehuda Katz, Steve Klabnik, and Rebecca Skinner: http://manning.com/bigg2/ (Still in pre-publication early access, to be released in July). The book really is complete now, grab the early access copy.