The best resource for the best Rails patterns and practices?


Can I get everyone with an opinion to reply with what they think is
the best resource for Rails patterns and practices?


I have heard that the "Agile Development with Rails" book was a "must-
have" reference for any Rails developer, but there are new books
coming out every day.. I would be on the lookout for a book that
specifically addresses Design patterns and best pratices.

Don't know about Rails specific patterns, but here is one on Design
Patterns in general in Ruby:

As far as I know this particular book is still being written.

"The Rails Way" makes for interesting reading.


dunno how experienced you are, or what your book budget is, but the 3
Apress Rails books, AWDR (updated PDF version) and the red RailsSpace
book are all quite well done for starting rails/transitioning from
java/zope/whatever (reflecting each author's biases, obviously). Also
Scott Raymond's "Ajax on Rails".

If there was a RSS feed of best practices with high S/N ratio, i would
pay, oh, all the money I had to subscribe.

I've found David A. Black's Ruby for Rails to be tremendously helpful.
That and Agile Web Development.

One of the problems with dead-tree books, much as I love them, is that
they have a hard time keeping up with a fast-moving target like rails.

David's book is good, but it's from the pre-Rails 1.2 era.

I'd say that the second edition of Active Web Development with Rails
is stil the best bet, but make sure you get the second edition.

Of course Rails 2.0 is imminent, but it's looking like it will be less
a radical change than from 1.1 to 1.2.

you can get a pretty good handle on edge from these blogs:

Hi --

true, only 1.8.5 and 1.8.6 have come out since the book:

also, i think the JRuby buzz has people forgetting about the language
spec vs. implementations.