What is "Ruby on Rails" in your Language?

I am often interested with technologies that interface with natural languages. These include machine translation systems, automatic (POS) taggers and speech recognition systems, to mention a few. Above all, I am a hardcore preacher of localization of software.
I am curious about the literal translation of the phrase “Ruby on Rails”.

Q: What is “Ruby on Rails” in your Language?
pâ Njânjé

This question has been influenced by some the code snippets I have been seeing on this forum. They contain non-English words. They excite and energize me very much.

Of course, “Ruby on Rails” is a proper noun which is often not literally translated in localizations, but I am just curious about it.

More blessing,

In Tamil language,

ரயிலின் மீது ரூபி - read as ‘Rayilin meethu Ruby’

Hope my fellow Tamil Ruby enthusiasts may like it.