Non-English translators needed for open source project

Please forgive this intrusion, as this question relates to both Rails
and Ruby.

Some of you may know me better as captdowner. I’m emailing the
Ruby-talk list to see if I can find some non-English speakers
(particularly Rubyists, but not a hard requirement).

I have a simple app called TommyTalker, a demo is up at:

Only English is currently working on this page, so you will see phrases
in English that are spoken when they are selected, so speakers or
headphones are required. As a web app, it works on smartphones,
tablets, computers on any browser that supports HTML5 and audio output.

This app is useful for people who have lost their ability to speak. The
app presents a list of links representing common phrases in English. I
want to expand it to also work as a universal translator, and already
have 26 Google-translated versions of 981 phrases in non-English

The project is up at and can be
downloaded using this link:

All of the translations are in the …/config/locales directory. I’m
hoping that each language translation could be reviewed by a native
speaker to correct any that aren’t as good as they could be.

I don’t have a budget for this, and as this is an open source web app,
I’m hoping I can collaborate with others to make this web app more
useful. Each contributor of a language translation that is reviewed
and corrected will be given prominent credit when that language is
selected by the user and will be listed in the general credits, which
will be linked to or part of the About page.

Please email me directly at (email obfuscated): s d0t d at comcast d0t net

Thanks for reading.

– Steve