What happens to 'old' posts?

Kris wrote:

Hi I posted a new topic up here the other day and now it no longer seems
to be in the list. I know this list moves very fast but I did a search
on google and my post comes up - the link points to the first page of
the list, but of course it has moved from the first page now.

Would it not be better if the list search at ruby-forum searched the
database instead of using google, as google's index is way out of date
for such a fast moving list. I've been to page 16 looking for my post
and no sign, I posted on the 3rd. I'm guessing the reason google is used
is because the searches slow the server's down.

The post title was "Following a HTTP request through scaled server

I've noticed a couple of my posts that I've sent via google groups
haven't been sent so I'm tending to use ruby-forums.org now for
posting. Except on this occasion :slight_smile: