problem wirth google groups interface?

Google was having 'issues' with Groups all of yesterday. Things seem to
be stable again (so far, anyway).

I've noticed that a number of older threads are missing. I've been
researching backgroundrb and there were several conversations about it
on the mailing list previously, but now a group search for
"backgroundrb" or even "ezra" returns no results.

yes, there is an index problem. google lost a lot of indexed
conversations in groups.
but it's a new problem.

i cant post since i joined this group. a week or 1,5 ago. stopping my
subscription and re-subscripe makes no difference. i joined this group
with my gmail account and choose to read this group only in browser.

Google groups has been unstable for the past few weeks. Some of my
threads were never posted. Even the GMail is flaky. It is better to
host on a vBulletin message board on a website.

that's some kind of philosophical question[1]: can hosted message board services not become unstable? Sure they can for a number of reasons.
The main disadvantage of a web message board stays the same: you always have to go there and check for new messages while e-mails come to you. Happily solves the problem in both directions (and for both personal preferences (mail or message boards)); this is a big benefit and should not be changed.



[1]: and so hard to discuss

i like the google way, cause i'm just reading the lists via
but if i like i can get the mails like in any other group.
but i don't like the traditional mailing lists. cause i want to check
the list if i need.

so it doesn't matter if i read and post with
the advantage in google lists is that i can contact the author

im reading some other lists and news with google services. its great to
have all theses things in "one" place. without the need to switch to
ruby-forum and back.
the problem occurs only in this list.

is there a way to contact google to get rid of the posting problem with
this group?
haven't found anything.