Is this list slow for new posts?

anyone else have trouble posting to this list, to me it seems like it takes forever? I am using gmail but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

Yes, occasionally.


it looks like a general problem on several google groups. :wink:
for me there are at least 3 groups with this problem.

using the GG interface is good for repyling to existing topics.
but on this group i can only create new topics with sending a mail.

your message sent form GG interface is stuck for some reason in the
spam filter and waits for approval.
dont know why. there's no statement or bugfix from google.

unfortunately it looks like that no one on this list cares about these
so the only way for you to start new topics is with a mail an reply to
any existing topic with
the GG interface. not really satisfying.

please tell me you experiences with other groups. if there any.


I only use mail, so I hadn't seen this. Is this a bug or the expected behavior?


not the expected behaviour!

some users have this issue on some groups.
for me with two groups. this one is one of them.

but there's no statemet or fix from google. :frowning: