Anyone else who has trouble with posting topics?

I am posting this message here in desparation.
I had posted several queries in the past and had no trouble. All of a
sudden, none of my posted topics would appear. I tried sending sereral
emails to the group talk, but have only received useless replies back
from google noreply and nothing happens.
I am hoping that this appears and someone has some suggestion on how to
deal with this issue.

Well I got to read your message here, and I am having the same problem
with my new posts to rubyonrails-talk going missing. I don't really know
whats going on either. I could see them in the googlegroups interface
but they never got mailed.

Well. It took them about 2 weeks to get this post published. May be
someone's new year's resolution??
Hope that I can post again and this time, hopefully, they will appear a
wee bit faster???

Richard Conroy wrote: