What do you think about commercial applications for Rail

Federico Fernandez wrote:

Frederick Cheung wrote:

I, like many people have paid for TextMate. I could have used radrails, or some other editor, but I picked textmate because I like it.
If the price and product are right, why not. Some may refuse for 'ideological' reasons, but if it's a good tool, well that's their loss.


Yep, you are right... I didn't think about Textmate :d

Your sinlge post was enough for me to see that it's ok to have
commercial applications as alternatives, even if the core of the
framework is open source. I'm now thinking about all those commercial
plugins, tools and components for php. I was a bit lost, because I
haven't seen commercial things for rails.

There's also Arachno IDE and Komodo, and Ruby in Steel for Visual Studio. What I hope you will *never* find in the Ruby/Rails world is tools costing $3000+ per seat. Many of the Java developers I work with, using Rational Application Developer (expensive, based on an old version of Eclipse) would rather be using the current Eclipse version.


   Justin Forder