Redcar Editor

I’m new here and I wanna make some marketing to Redcar Editor.

I have used this amazing editor for a while and I have to applaud it.

It’s an excellent free (as in speech) alternative to TextMate.

It’s made on Ruby (run on JRuby), so it has the heart of the Ruby community.

It has support to TextMate Themes and Snippets, it’s very cool.

And it can be better, if more people test it (actually it’s in alpha,

but I use it and got great results), and help the project

creating some plugin that implements a feature that you miss in it.

Well, that’s it folks. Regards,

Caio Fernando Bertoldi Paes de Andrade


Ok, trying now!

I just tried it out, so far I like it! Im doing my development with Ubuntu in VMware which is running on 3 GB RAM. Well, rather than use netbeans, I choose gedit to save some resources. But I need a light editor which has more feature for rails project, I think redcar could help. Thanks!

Installation is very very easy:

gem install redcar

$ redcar install

Let’s try it out!

Caio Fernando Bertoldi Paes de Andrade