What authentication plugin/framework do you use?

Very interested in seeing what you are using and why. We’re trying to
choose ourselves, but having trouble coming to a conclusion.

Thanks guys.


We looked at several, including roll-your-own (a la Agile book and
http://www.aidanf.net/rails_user_authentication_tutorial), and of
course, acts_as_authenticated and some of its descendants. Also looked
at SaltedHashLoginGenerator.

I really wanted something higher level so I kept looking. Reviewed
Writertopia http://www.writertopia.com/developers/authorization and
Hobo http://hobocentral.net/

All those are interesting possibilities.

But we're converging on Goldberg http://goldberg.240gl.org/

It's a generator not a plugin (maybe eventually...) It seems like a
pretty active project, well designed, and 0.2 is promised to come out
soon. I've been toying with it and think it'll provide a good
foundation for our upcoming project.

For our app SugarStats.com we initially used auth_generator 2.0 and it
worked for a while. It has a lot of very common and useful features
(password recovery, built in user icons, built in admin area etc) but
it wasn't the best for extending.

We did a huge refactoring and now use restful_authentication (based on
acts_as_authenticated) for everything. It has been great and is
really easy to extend to your own needs.