looking for a powerful login generator

Hi guys,
    I am looking for a powerful login generator. I used goldberg
plugin for my website. it is generally OK. but it's a little simple.
Anyone got better ones?

if you think goldberg is simple you may be unhappy w/
restful_authentication. goldberg does a LOT for you, possibly too
much. I used goldberg and am now giving restful a try and having a
heck of a time. seems like there's a lot of stuff I have to do and
the instructions are scattered all over.

OTOH, goldberg development seems on a hiatus and no one is answering
in the forum, so I'm worried.

If you just want somethng to work quickly now, goldberg may be the way
to go. If you want something to learn and build on, try

Thank you guys for your useful advice.I will take time to study
restful authentication.