Webmail application in ROR

Dear all,

Do you know any webmail apps in Ruby on Rails ?? Though I found
"mailr", it does not seem to be working with Rails 3.0.

If anybody have any ideas about such apps, please do reply.
Thanks !!


Mailr is the oldest project, but I don't think the original maintainer
is doing much on it. Worth having a look around github:


I think grabbing mailr from a fork there is preferably to the stale
download link on mailr.org.

There are a few newer options, but I'm having trouble finding them at
the moment. I haven't found "the one true Ruby/Rails based webmail
client" yet, personally.

Let me know if you do. I would love to get rid of a squirrelmail install I have.


https://github.com/huerlisi/mailyt is a more recent option. Anyone try it out?

No, I haven’t tried it out. Doesn’t seem to have more advanced features as of Squirrel mail, in my quick look. I also want to have get rid of Squirrel mail, written in PHP.