Really simple Webmail client - sensible on Rails?


I run a RoundCubeMail Webmail server on Fedora 25 x86_64 and this works out very nicely for me wherever I am using a desktop computer with large screen but the Android RoundCubeMail app is terrible and other mail apps are no good for various reasons. I am think of building a really simple Rails Webmail client - just to read mail in the INBOX initially - and if that works out OK - enhancing the client to:

- read other Maildir folders


- add a reply / forward mail option


- add other features in priority order

I was thinking the display of messages would be really simple ie just Subject buttons of the mails in a list on the web page which would open the mail for reading on clicking / pressing.

Also, that some RAM-based DB could be used for storing the messages read in a folder - which would just disappear on logout or get recreated on changing folders.

Do people think this viable / worth doing? Is there a simpler solution? If it is worth doing, I would just put the code up on GitLab to try and get some other people interested in further development.