web site synch/publishing/via proxy tool - any ideas?


Question - Anyone know of a ruby tool that does this? (or something
close to it)...or else http/web libraries that might be a good start
to building this if nothing exists? (or even a non-ruby tool if you
know of it)?

* Sync specific intranet web pages specified to an online (external) site
* Specific pages in the form of URLs (e.g. latest team contact details)
* Program periodically checks for new/changed content and then
downloads content (that page & direct images etc) to an external site
* Has proxy settings (host, port, username, password) to access
Internet (from a work location) to synch out
* re where/how it stores this, and whether protected/open, I'll leave
this open - would be preferable to require credentials to access via
internet (when not at the work location)