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This tips I was got from my friend,maybe useful for you :

If you often surf or download files & get troubles like :
1. Slow internet access, lag & timeout.
2. Your IP is banned / restricted to visit.
3. Afraid if your IP will be Logged.
4. Download result often errors.
5. Download frequently is limited (like at rapidshit, etc).

And you hope great changes like this :
1. Connection more FAST (example to access https://).
2. Connection more SECURE (Your IP address will be changed 100%
3. You can DOWNLOAD MORE FILES on internet! (May unlimited, you can
setting cookies later).
4. You can visit more websites WITHOUT AFRAID to got banned again.
5. Freedom to surf!

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One again that make this tool is great that your IP will be change to
USA IP You can check your IP after use this tool at
Ok, I hope this tool is useful to you..
Keep freedom to surf!!!