Web Services

Well Greg, it seemed you get the message wrong. Somehow I should have known that it can get emotional when posting non-rails things on the rails list, which I see not that positive.

  1. I only said my opinion - just like anybody else. It wasn’t the only truth out there. Of course you can build anything with rails from single site page (there was at least one post on the list here) to a mega super duper complex site.

I just raise the question whether using a light-weightier framework wouldn’t be a better choice. When I go to check my mail box I use my feet not my car (I about a 10m walk). Example should be clear.

  1. I never said anything about other programming language. Sinatra is a “tiny brother” of Rails also written in RUBY. I PERSONALLY would never want to recommend to anyone anything other than ruby. Even if it’s about SQL! Period. :wink:

  2. I like Ruby and Rails like anyone who ever saw it. It’s almost like an addiction.

  3. Sorry if my post got your angry, for whatever reasons.



Hi Steven,

I found two good resource in my library for Web Services:

  • Ruby in Practice, from Jeremy McAnally, Manning Publication (it’s chapter 5, implementations with REST and SOAP are shown)

  • Enterprise Recipes with Ruby and Rails, Maik Schmidt, Pragmatic Programmers, (it’s chapter 7 / receips 32-35; with REST, SOAP and WSDL)

Both are great resources with code and explanations.

Rails is a good choice :wink:


Ok awesome. I will be sure to check them out! Thanks for everyone's
help. I'm sure I'll post back to the group for some more tips but I'm
going to spend some time researching and trying things out.

I'm sure Sinatra is awesome but i'm so hell bent on rails right now
( and still building confidence ) that I don't want to switch to
anything else right now. After 5 years of .NET development Rails is
like a breath of fresh air for me. I'm hoping to get it established
into the enterprise where I work and introduce agile methods.

Good that you can breath now better. I understand that myself after years on Java.

Good luck with you service.


respond_to do |format| is the awesome. It makes RESTful web services
extremely easy to do in rails.

Awsums. I'll check it. Thanx!

Thanks you for the info. I will most certainly check it out.