Web Services

Hi Bill,

isn’t Rails a bit too much for you (little) WS. How about considering another little “frameworks” like Sinatra? It’s worth a try. Rails is a great framework but it’s not always a (the) right choice. Can give you some links if you want.



Please tell me, under what circumstances is Rails not the right choice?

Reading your statement made me think of other frameworks I've used to
build sites with over the years.. Django, Zend Framework, Catalyst,
J2EE, .Net. I can't think of a single thing that'd make me want to
use any of those instead of Rails.

The only reason I can think of is if maybe you didn't know Ruby. But
then Rails list traffic shows that particular detail doesn't seem to
hold anyone back.

Hi yes. My original post implied this was a simple web service but it
will get incrementally more difficult as we add more services. This is
just a starting point. Also my goal is here is to probe to management
and the other developers that rails is industrial strength enough for
these types of things. I'm still going forward with rails. I just
wanted to know if anyone else has done this type if thing before and
how they started.