Web hosting for ruby on rails application

Hi comrades,

I want to host my RoR app. Can any one recommend me a good hosting server with the support of my all gems and versions?

thanks, sayuj

heroku.com http://www.dotcloud.com

duostack.com (although I thought they merged with dotcloud.com)

hi Zolzaya,

I’ve registered a domain, “othayoth.in”. Is it possible to make heroku as my server space?

Yes, check out the add on section and add the free custom domain add on.

Is linode not good enough?

In the cheaper VPS I would recommend Webbynode http://webbynode.com/ , you can go bigger but the low end is pretty good to start off with form most small business web-apps. And it’s a VPS so you can install whatever you want – they also have pre-build recipes for Rails 3 and other platforms which takes some of the setup pain away. I would also second Linode for VPS as well. Heroku is good if you only ever get one request at a time for your app, which in most cases is good enough, but still very minimal – and unless you are (and maybe you are) a big pocketed startup that doesn’t care about burning money, scaling up on Heroku is probably one of the easiest things.