Web Flow and the session method in ActionController

Hi there,

I'm writing a port of Spring Webflow to Ruby on rails and I've
encountered quite a lot of difficulty finding how to override the
session[] method which is accessed via any ActionController.

I have my pseudo-code ready to implement, but I can't find the method
declaration to copy it's signature.

Also, if anyone wants to collaborate on this particular plugin, which
I called ActionFlow, please let me know. I'll be glad to share my
work. It's almost ready for testing and since I'm far from a Ruby
veteran, I'll need help on refactoring, optimization and testing.

Thanks a million !


I forgot to mention, don’t look for ActiveFlow on Rubyforge, the name is already taken and I’m trying to reach the project admin to use this name. The current admin doesn’t have any files released yet…


I’ve just packaged the source code, if anyone wants to help.


NOTHING is tested yet. I didn’t even execute the code once. I’m not a Ruby genius, I’m barely good enough to write this. If you have nothing constructive to say, don’t say anything.

ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME though. I know that a lot of people will benefit from this plugin so it’s time to participate and suggest improvements.


action_flow.zip (14 KB)

You have any suggestions ?

It's the only remaining architectural 'problem' I'm facing.