Session problem [restful authentication]


I just installed "restful_auhtentication" to my application. The
installation iteself went just fine but when i try to access sites that
need authentication I get a strange error message from Firefox (German
so I dont know the original message from Firefox):
Redirecting loop: The website being called is redirecting a request
which cannot be terminated.

When I try to add a new post for example I get redirected to
/session/new and thats where I get that error. Does anybody has a clue
what's wrong here?!

Thanks a bunch,

Shandy Nantz wrote:

Is 'new' the name of the method name and not the name of the page? It
sounds like maybe you aren't redirecting correctly?

Well, I did it like always, SessionController:
  # render new.rhtml
  def new

new.rhtml.erb is located in Views\sessions and routes does have
following entry:
map.resource :session

Quite normal I guess?

I'm desperate... any ideas?!

Added skip_before_filter :login_required to the SessionsController,
problem solved.