Weak Git-Fu For Pull Requests To 3-1-stable

I’ve messed this up a few times and I need a little help. I use git-remote-branch and it is fairly easy for me to fork rails, create an upstream remote, then create a remote tracking branch that tracks 3-1-stable from upstream. But I can not figure out how to create a branch from my remote tracking branch for 3-1-stable that allows me to push to my own repo and refs my 3-1-stable remote tracking branch from upstream. Man that’s a mouth full :frowning: and I’m sure I might have said it wrong. What ends up happening is that unless I do this right, I end up with commits that are included in my pull request that are not meant to be.

Can anyone give me some command tips following this that would work for a pull request based from 3-1-stable that works?

  1. Fork rails and add an upstream remote - http://help.github.com/fork-a-repo/

  2. Create and track 3-1-stable from upstream.

    $ git fetch upstream $ git branch --track 3-1-stable upstream/3-1-stable