Getting version 3

Dear all,

Sorry for my lame question here. I want to pull out the version 3 source from github. Therefore I use the clone command as such: git clone git://

I then get in to the working directory and typed: git branch 3-0-unstable

But it turns out that I can not do that because there’s only master branch.

Does anyone know what am I missing here?

Thanks in advance.

master is the version 3 branch now.

Mike has steered you on the right track for this time, more generally though - remote branches aren’t available directly as local branches when using git. I faced this myself, and worked it out independently so someone please correct me if I’m giving Joshua a bum steer here.

You can view the remote branches in a cloned repo by passing the -r option to git branch:

git branch -r

You can then checkout one of the remote branches to a local branch with something like this (remember, as per Mike’s advice, this is not what you want in this particular case):

git checkout -b 3-0-unstable origin/3-0-unstable

And then proceed as usual.

Just as a little hint; if you have write access to the remote branch, and want it to work the same way "master" does with "origin/master", you can add the --track (or just -t) option to git branch. That will make the local branch "track" the remote, i.e. pushing and pulling from that branch is implicitly done with the tracked remote branch, without needing specification; e.g.

    git checkout -tb foo some-remote/bar     git commit -am "Implement awesomeness"     git push # pushes to some-remote/bar

Best regards, Daniel Schierbeck

Even if you cannot push it is worth tracking so that pull works