want remarkable consumer app URL for your resume for minimal risk of time?

THE PROPOSITION: If you want a truly remarkable (could be the “most useful” (in terms of preventing suffering) consumer site for 2011) impressive consumer web app for a resume URL, but can only work for a short time and PT, without getting guaranteed even a low initial rate , read on.

WHO WE ARE: We are a 4 person (a 4 year veteran rubyist, a one year but fast learner (9yr C++ veteran and former PM, ruby engineer, plus PM and CEO/head psychologist plus Fundraising Dir/VP Biz dev) whose mission is to be the first and hopefully always the best truly robust—highly interactive, individualizable, and web app to engage and enable virtually all couples who cannot afford or won't trust a therapist to have stronger happier relationships. We’re talking 45-50MM or so unhappy couples in US/Canada/Britain/AU. We also think we have some ways to spread fast and eventually even be at times fun.

And we’re talking not only couples in trouble who can’t afford therapists, but also couples wanting to make good relationships great ones, plus new couples want to keep their relationship alive and growing, and also therapists to offer their couple-clients to prevent backsliding. Most therapists also look forward to us as an aftercare adjunct. (CoupleSpace can also do at least 8 things a therapist CANNOT do.) Here are just a few things we have going for us:

1) Well received alpha (proof of concept) by nearly 100 couples, and nearly half finished MVP beta; plus finished beta for sister feeder site, StopArguingNow.com (needing funds to get initial traffic going via social media ) 2) Strong uniquely qualified team including two excellent Ruby engineers, one a single dad (who was blindsided just like the CEO/ founder, moi) 3) A novel scalable solution to a blue ocean market, perfectly timed for the economy and trends in use of the Internet (from quantity to quality of relationships), with solid biz model: More than 2/3 of couples (big market research survey) said they would pay $19/mo for our web service if available today and they had a serious issue 4) Well thought out quasi viral tactics using twitter and FB to spread CoupleSpace, plus huge word of mouth potential 5) Solid BP and Marketing Plan (finalist in major BP competition), including interested Fortune 50 business partners. 6) Amazingly, a lack of any real competition (though lots of simple websites, blogs, and only two (not much needed) one-service-only wep apps) 7) Strong potential Fortune 50 partnerships (with Health Insurance, EAP providers, and large employers (for their HR departments)

THE BAD NEWS: Not yet funded, but close; so you might have to gamble a month or so.

WHO YOU ARE: ➢ Minimum 3 year veteran rubyist who loves coding and is good ➢ Wanting to have a resume piece that demonstrates an app that addresses a huge complex human issue in an elegant and highly effective way, a resume URL that really stands out as something very different and impressive ➢ Wanting to use your talent for creating technology that can really help to significantly reduce and prevent vast suffering in the world TIME EXPECTATIONS: ➢ ideally at least 20hrs/wk, more if possible ➢ ideally 2 months (to finish at least version 1 and possibly version 2 of the beta), many angels have asked us for the beta as soon as its ready) ➢ You can work from anywhere in USA PERSONALITY/Values ➢ not afraid to let us know unhappy feelings—pissed, frustrated, confused, angry, disappointed ➢ loves coding and wants to make a difference in the world ➢ has one or more favorite causes (since founder wants his own profits to go to urgent/important cause ➢ punctual (for daily scrums) and communicative (returns calls during break or end of day)

TO APPLY: 1) indicate in sub box: RubyEngineer/hours per wk available//[your city][how heard of us] 2) send short note as to why you are attracted and major concerns 3) email: gary at couplespace (all one word) dot org