Wackamole - Observe your applications in the wild!


   A few weeks back, I've released Rackamole (rackamole.com), a rack
component to monitor features, perf, exception for your rails, sinatra
and other rack based frameworks. One of the features of Rackamole is
to store moled info in MongoDb. What was missing is a web app to
gather up the moled info and present it to allow you to view and
manipulate the mole outputs. It's still a bit rough, but you can get a
preview on geekhub.

  Please use the rackamole forum for bugs, issues, comments.

  Thanks for taking a look and for your feedback!

* Site: http://rackamole.com
* Twitter: http://twitter.com/rackamole
* Forum: http://groups.google.com/group/rackamole
* Git: git://github.com/derailed/rackamole.git
* Git: git://github.com/derailed/wackamole.git