-- Rackamole gem -- Observing your creations...

Interestingly enough we all spend lots of time and efforts in testing
our code, brushing up our cucumber
scenarios, etc.... Yet very little is spent on tracking the fruits of
our efforts to folks that matters the most
ie our customers.

Rackamole is a rack app that provides for recording user's interaction
with your web apps. By tracking incoming requests, you will be able to
see which feature is a win or a bust, see which/how users are using
your apps. You will also be able to track perf issues and uncaught
exceptions before getting the dreaded phone calls...

Curious about your apps twitting about 'What's happening?' . Find out
more at [http://rackamole.com]

Or for the impatients...

$ sudo gem install rackamole --source=http://gemcutter.org

NOTE: This is still in alpha stages, but you can take it out for a
spin to get a feel...

Thanks for taking a peek!