GemBundle: A gem tracking/discovery tool

Hello everyone,

I am a new developer, started programming about 3 months ago. As part of
my first rails project, I decided to build a tool to help me keep track
of gems. I decided to turn that
idea social, utilizing the from people's saves as a way for others to
discover cool gems. I found it difficult to discover new and cool gems
from ruby-toolbox and rubygems and so I built my own.

You can check it out at Currently, the
features are as follows:
Once you login you can:
1. Favorite gems - storing them in your profile.
2. Comment on gems - youtube videos and gists are supported if they are
within anchor tags.
Without logging in:
3. Search for gems based on keywords or names.
4. View gems sorted by total amount of likes/saves for a gem.
5. View gems sorted by total downloads.

New features, based on suggestions I've gotten are coming soon. Thanks
for taking a look.