VirtualRails : The FREE Ruby on Rails virtual development pl

all the stuff and documentation at

[b]What ?[/b]

VirtualRails is a totally free linux (Mint based) VirtualBox image,
fully configured, with :
[*]Ruby 1.8.7, RubyGem, Rails 2.3.5 and dependencies, several useful
[*]Mongrel & Thin Rails servers[/*]
[*]MySQL 5 (with phpMyAdmin)[/*]
[*]ImageMagick, Xapian[/*]
[*]Netbeans 6.8[/*]
[*]A lot more, see the complete list of features on

[b]Why ?[/b]
[*]Don't spend hours installing and configuring libs and tools, just
launch it and be productive immediately[/*]
[*]Simply paste it on all the computers of your team to get a complete
unified development environment in no time[/*]
[*]Run the exactly same development environment on MS Windows, Mac OS,
Linux etc...[/*]
[*]Run it on your MS Windows desktop just like any other application,
and get rid of the Windows Ruby VM and libraries compiling drawbacks[/*]
[*]Use the same computer for multiple purposes just by switching between
the virtualbox images[/*]
[*]Don't be affraid to break your environment by trying some libs or
tools...back to fresh install in two clics[/*]
[*]Just one single file to save for complete backup of your entire
development platform[/*]
[*]Extend/modify it to fit your needs. It's completely open and
connected ("apt-get install" and "gem install" work like a charm)[/*]

[b]How ?[/b]
[*]Download & Install VirtualBox, it's free, quick and really easy.[/*]
[*]Download the VirtualRails at[/*]
[*]Install it within VirtualBox. It takes only 5 min[/*]
[*]Run Virtual're done ! see here to take a tour[/*]

[b]Who ?[/b]
Whe're Capslog-Informatique, a small French IT Service firm based on
We help our clients to successfully complete their Java-J2EE or Ruby on
Rails projets, and build inovatives web-sites for small business
See us on