virtual rails....installing rails????

I am running windows vista on my laptop. i installed virtual machine
and virtual rails and am using linux mint. after the installation i
followed a tutorial which had me do the following:

1. Log in and open a terminal if you need to. First we'll install Ruby
1.8 and Ruby's development libraries. We'll also install IRB, which is
quite useful while trying Ruby programming.
sudo apt-get install ruby ruby1.8-dev irb

You will be prompted for your password so be sure to get it right!
2. Now that Ruby's installed, let's install SQLite 3. SQLite is a
lightweight, file-based database that's good for development. Feel
free to use another database here if you'd like, such as MySQL or
sudo apt-get install sqlite3

both these installations were succesful. I tried following the 3rd
installation but I could not find the exe. file to open and install

3. Now let's start installing Rails. First you'll need RubyGems.
Download it this way:

wget … 0.8.11.tgz

4. Now unpack the RubyGems package:

tar -zxvf rubygems-0.8.11.tgz

There is no .exe installer. The .tgz file is like a .zip file, and it
just contains the source code for RubyGems. The tutorial should give
you instructions on how to then install that source code to your
system; it'll look something like:

$ cd rubygems-0.8.11
$ sudo ruby setup.rb


Also, that is a *very* old version of RubyGems -- this must be an old
tutorial. If you're trying to use the latest Rails gems with this,
you'll likely run into trouble. I strongly recommend you use the
latest version of RubyGems instead (1.3.7 at time of writing); you can
download it from here:


Hi Rich,

You must have misunderstood the goal of virtualrails :slight_smile:

All you try to install is ***ALREADY*** installed on virtualrails :
ruby, rails, sqlite, rubygems, and so on...(see complete list of what
is already in virtualrails here :

So you can bypass the "installation and configuration" parts of your
tutorials and start directly at "create a new rails application" !

cheers :slight_smile: