Vacancy for Ruby developer in Amsterdam

We're hiring! Please email me if you're interested:

Required: Ruby / Rails developer Contract: minimum of 1 year Based in: Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

FAXTOR Securities is an investment management firm of about 20 people based in Amsterdam. FAXTOR's risk management systems are crucial to its strategic operations. Currently we are looking for a Ruby / Rails developer at academic level with a minimum of 2 years of professional experience in order to expand our development activities. Required skills comprise a solid background in object-oriented principles and design, development of multi-tiered web-based applications, experience with unit testing. Experience with the following technologies all pose a distinct advantage: databases, MySQL, Linux/Unix, Java/C++ and extreme-programming development principles in general. The job will offer a lot of freedom in terms of design- and implementation choices. You will be working in a team with 3 other developers.