using jEdit with Ruby on Rails

Hi, first a note. I'm a new user who downloaded instant rails for win32, jedit, agile rails, and started working through the tutorials. I can't believe how well it all works. Fantastic.

I did run into one problem, which according to someone over on the jEdit side of things, must be to do with Ruby.

I quote: "Does ruby have an unbuffered output mode like python does with its -u option?"

From jEdit's console, I typed "ruby script/generate scaffold product


Instead of outputting text so that I could see that a Y/N answer was required, all I saw was jEdit's "running man" icon running indefinitely. Realizing the operation couldn't possibly be taking such a long time, I correctly surmised it was waiting for Y/N, so I typed "y enter y enter" and suddenly the entire buffer was output to the console window.

Does anyone know how to fix this? The console is great because runtime bugs can be linked to lines of source code, and I don't need to have a secondary floating crappy win32 command prompt running around.