User Voice integration in my website

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to integrate uservoice in my rails project home page.I have googled for the same, but i did’nt get any proper procedure.

can anyone suggest me how to proceed with this.

Thanks in advance.

Start here?

Hi Harika,

My name is Christian and I am a Ruby Student and Account Manager at
UserVoice. I noticed your post and wanted to chime in. This is the best
way to go about solving your development problems:

A) Our Support Team - - We have a kick ass support
team that should be able to help you out on stuff. Usually gets back out
in under 2 hours, depending.

B) Our Knowledge Base - is a great resource
because a lot of FAQ articles are published there.

C) - Great docs written by great developers. :slight_smile:

D) Contact me - - I will try and help the best I

I hope you know that we care about our developers and if you have any
other questions, ever, just email me. :slight_smile: