ticketing/bugtracking plugin for rails

yea, uservoice.com is really cool, but you have to pay to get some nice features (I got some 0 bugs budget projects). It’s great for big players, that can effort the payments and can sort of outsource the issue (*don’t get me wrong, I like lighthouse etc.). But me and I think a lot of other rails developers have little project and platforms where you don’t need such a “big gun” like uservoice.com or redmine.org. In some cases it might be irritating for users or visitors to report problems somewhere else on the internet (not the case with developers).

In my case, I just start building the app and want to have a kind of a schedule/bugtracking/uservoice/status/… stuff to be there out of the box (through plugin) for me and others (who are not necessary developers). I think it a good way for alpha & beta stages of an app, when people can report directly without leaving the page (which is a little weird for me – my opinion).

So I think I will have to code it myself. Anyway, that’s a nice opportunity to enrich the community (given that the code doesn’t smell).

Cheers & thanks


One nice thing about the external bug trackers: you can report things like "the website is down". Hard to do that if the site is hosting the bug tracker...

--Matt Jones